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Protect your companies reputation with Risk Brand Assessments from 24Lockdown

24 Lockdown have developed a methodology to perform bespoke risk modeling cyber liability tailored for the Insurance market.

Coupling our technical IT Security pedigree with our Risk Management and Insurance market expertise we are able to offer comprehensive risk assessments to protect your reputation and branding from today’s cyber risk factors.

The engagements key deliverable is a risk report that contains an indication of the potential financial losses that could be incurred if a particular security control fails, and helps our clients make informed decisions regarding compensating controls. This can be mapped via our own risk modeling system, and is aligned with commonly referenced risk management standards such as ISO27005. We employ both qualitative and quantitative risk modelling to obtain a more balanced view of risks, whilst not reducing the importance of having a meaningful view of the cost of security incidents.

This is also compared to existing risk registers and information regarding data confidentiality levels and volumes, as well as other key areas such as asset and change management.

Ensuring full coverage is paramount to getting an accurate assessment of your exposure to cyber-threat risk. Our methodology is constantly updated with best practice and industry data from our engagements and other sources, which allows our clients to compare their risk levels to other clients in this sector.

Contact our team for more information on how we can improve the visibility of risk management as a business tool to help protect your brand.

Service at a glance

  • Target modelling Security Assessment (24-TMSA) We utilise our expertise to discover the potential value of your data in the wrong hands, and who would likely be the highest risk of attacker. An example would be the value of the data to a third party.
  • Human Interaction Security Assessments (24-HISA) We work with you to understand internal resource culture; An example would be your exposure on social media sites via your employees.
  • Physical Infrastructure Security Assessments (24-PISA) We assess the physical infrastructure, construction and geographical locations of your risks. An example could be the environmental weather patterns for the location.
  • Data and telecommunication Security Assessments (24-DTSA) We assess vulnerabilities and risks related to the more traditional penetration type testing. Testing would be for both internal and external threats.
  • Compliance Assessment (24-CA) Regulations. We ensure your risks are compliant with their associated regulations and standards. As an example, it could be a criminal offense for non-compliance of legislation if it’s there to protect policy makers.
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