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Northdoor announces exclusive partnership with 24 Lockdown to deliver cyber security services to global insurance market.

Northdoor, the IT solutions provider specialising in the London insurance market, has announced an exclusive partnership with 24 Lockdown, a security and technology consultancy service in the cyber risk arena. The partnership will focus on providing risk avoidance and security protection to the London insurance market, where insurance fraud alone costs £2bn a year*.

Simon Teague, Director of 24 Lockdown’s UK operations said ‘We are delighted to announce this enhanced partnership, where we are selling our services exclusively through Northdoor. This means we can build on Northdoor’s experience and knowledge of selling security solutions that safeguard data against financial reputational and operational risk. Not only does Northdoor offer expert knowledge across a range of solutions but it also has over 20 years track record in the insurance space.

Cyber security threats are increasing as quickly as businesses can implement measures against them. According to the 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey, 93% of large organisations and 87% of small businesses had a security breach in the last year, up 11% on the previous year. The Northdoor 24 Lockdown partnership will help combat emerging cyber-security threats.

Rob Stavrou, Commercial Director at Northdoor said “Today’s organisations need not only to understand current trends in security threats but must also be able to identify vulnerabilities within their existing infrastructure. More and more organisations are becoming victims of cybercrime every day, which costs UK plc up to £21bn per year” **.

There will be three distinct 24 Lockdown services provided by Northdoor:

Pre-Risk Assessment – A risks and vulnerabilities assessment of an organisation’s IT security stance at the pre-bind stage to ensure businesses understand the nature of the risk.

Brand Assessment - An assessment of the risk to identify areas of vulnerability and priorities for remedial action to protect reputation and branding.

Rapid Response Protection – A 24/7 helpline to offer advice and guidance in the event of a cyber-security compromise.

Chris Newton, Managing Director of Principia Underwriting comments: “Network security and the protection of digital assets is one of the top ranking concerns for most organisations. We welcome the 24 Lockdown and Northdoor partnership and believe that together they are well placed to offer an ideal combination of insurance knowledge and network security services.”

Northdoor will be looking to build and enhance the 24 Lockdown road map of services and will be making further announcements in the coming few months.

Source: *ABI 2011
Source: ** Cabinet Office & Detica 2011

About Northdoor
Northdoor plc is a leading provider of full lifecycle IT solutions for the insurance industry. The company was established in 1989 to improve the electronic transaction of insurance risks. For more than 20 years, Northdoor has delivered solutions that help insurance companies to improve their business performance and processes through technology. Northdoor has a collaborative and high-touch customer care approach in delivering tailored solutions that help clients to achieve their business objectives. The company works with over 200 businesses in more than 20 countries.